The world’s top-performing companies are leading with their product to drive key business results, scale sales and support, and increase marketing’s effectiveness.
“Companies that embrace product-led growth stand out from the pack. Promising a better life to our buyers is now table stakes. We need to deliver on that promise.”
Shobhit Chugh, Product Manager
ExpEctations have changed

Users now demand a product-led experience

People are conditioned differently now

We prefer self-service experiences. We expect everything to be personalized. We want to receive value quickly and with minimal effort. Meeting these expectations means delivering frictionless, focused, and personalized customer experiences—or losing your customers to companies that do. That means leaning into your product as the single greatest lever for growth.
ExpEctations have changed

The new model for business growth

Better customer experiences lead to faster and more profitable growth.
This means delivering a product that’s easy to learn, proves its value quickly, and is largely self-service. It means understanding that frictionless, personalized experiences create champions for your product—and that those champions will gladly bring in new users through advocacy and word of mouth. It might sound daunting, but that’s why we’ve created the Product-Led Growth Flywheel as a framework for thinking about product-led growth

Product-led businesses are outperforming their peers

Higher customer satisfaction

When customers can try, buy, and get value from your product on their own, satisfaction increases.

Increased retention rates

Users that find value quickly and adopt more product features stick around for the long haul.

Reduced support tickets

Proactive, in-product guidance reduces support burden and enables you to scale faster.

More engaged users

Product-led companies see more frequent product usage and increased feature adoption than their counterparts.

Higher response rates

Contextual in-app surveys and announcements are over twice as effective as emails.

Lower acquisition costs

Customer advocacy and referrals create more interest in your product, completing the flywheel.


Join thousands of successful product–led companies

“Product Led Growth is about prioritizing the user experience which inevitably leads to faster growth, greater customer expansion, and best-in-class retention.”
Kyle Poyar
VP Market Strategy at OpenView

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